Marketing is moving online … are you ?

Consumers are heading for the web - are you there to do business with them ?

With the "noughties" well behind us, has your marketing also moved into the next part of the 21st century ? Or is it still stuck in the past ?

A decade ago, the pundits were wondering whether the internet would ever fulfil its promise. Well, I think that we all know the answer to that one !

Today, customers are spending money differently than they used to. Specifically, they are spending more and more online.

  • A recent forecast suggested that 20% of all spending will be online by 2020.

And in the same way that consumers are spending more money on the internet, marketing has moved online too.

It makes sense when you think about it ... the old business axiom still holds good: to succeed in business, find a group of hungry customers and give them what they want. So it's logical that if more and more of them are online, go there and offer them what they want ... your product or service.

Have you heard of Dell, the computer manufacturer ? They have embraced several social media channels as marketing tools, especially Twitter.

  • At the end of 2009, Dell announced that Twitter had produced $6.5 million worth of sales for them !

So whilst they all still have their place, traditional marketing in newspapers, magazines and on conventional media like TV are losing their reach and effectiveness.

Let's face the facts: whatever your business, big or small, you cannot ignore the online market.

You need to be marketing on the internet !

Man on www charactersYou need to be marketing on the internet.
Our job at Italic Marketing is to show you ways to use the immense power of the internet in your marketing.

And if, by that, you think that I'm just talking about having a web site with a few pages on it, then no. That's a start, but no more than that.

For example, are you using any of these techniques ?

  • An Automated Lead Capture And Email Marketing Management System that builds profitable relationships with both prospects and customers whilst you sleep.
  • Marketing on Social Media sites like Twitter and Facebook.
  • Video Marketing.
  • Audio "sound bites".
  • Geo-Marketing.
  • Search Engine Optimisation.

You may not have heard all these terms and, to be fair, some of them are just fancy modern names for good old common sense.

Social Media web sites like Twitter and Facebook can help build a sense of belonging amongst your customer base and prospects, a feeling like they're "in" on something that others aren't. Techniques like these can help build lasting relationships, which in turn translates in to loyal customers.

And don't forget, the internet is basically just a large collection of computers. So everything gets tracked. This makes it possible to see what's working and what's not ... and to do so very quickly. This means that you can stop unprofitable tactics before they get too costly, and up the ante when you find that something is really working for you.

Finally, the most important question: even if you have a web site already ...

Do you have an Internet Marketing Plan ?

If you want to find out how we can help you to bring your marketing in to the 21st century, call us now on 0117 911 4187, or contact us here.

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Man standing on www graphic: Ivan Petrov